Jan-Philipp Kruse

“Will the classic, opportunistic BD&L approach suffice to satisfy licensing and partnering demands in the 21st century?”

Florian Jehle

“How can billions of risk-adjusted pipeline value disappear overnight?”


Florian Jehle Partner
Graham Scholefield

“How can our clients develop an effective strategy which accounts for the rapidly changing drug reimbursement landscape?”

Sophie von Dyrander

“My decision to join Catenion? Here I found what I was looking for – high level strategy work, international clients and the team spirit of a smaller firm.”

Flavia Botschen

“Are you open to innovation?”

Flavia Botschen Associate
Markus Thunecke

“How can you grow an organization while maintaining its creative spark?”

Dr. Markus Thunecke Senior Partner
Matthias Krings

“Today, developing and launching a medical device needs know-how from classical drug development”

Dr. Matthias Krings Senior Partner


What Can Biopharma Learn From Apple?

IN VIVO, January 2014 The restructuring of pharmaceutical R&D organizations has failed to address fundamental issues that afflict R&D across several industries. Most of this shortfall can be attributed to a dearth of effective leadership within the C-suites of the drug industry.
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Managing Innovation in MedTech – How to Enable Future R&D Breakthroughs?

The Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MedTech) has seen a modern gold rush over the past years: especially in the early 2000s, many established companies were able to generate high single-digit (or even double-digit) annual growth rates. According to EvaluateMedTech, the field was able to build a global market with annual sales of approximately $325 [...]
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