Flavia Botschen

“Are you open to innovation?”

Flavia Botschen Associate
Markus Thunecke

“How can you grow an organization while maintaining its creative spark?”

Dr. Markus Thunecke Senior Partner
Matthias Krings

“Today, developing and launching a medical device needs know-how from classical drug development”

Dr. Matthias Krings Senior Partner
Sophie von Dyrander

“My decision to join Catenion? Here I found what I was looking for – high level strategy work, international clients and the team spirit of a smaller firm.”

Graham Scholefield

“How can our clients develop an effective strategy which accounts for the rapidly changing drug reimbursement landscape?”

Christian Elze

“China’s policy makers are making a concerted long-term effort to build a competitive biomedical innovation system – but R&D-based value creation
is only just beginning.”

Christian Elze Senior Partner
Jan-Philipp Kruse

“Will the classic, opportunistic BD&L approach suffice to satisfy licensing and partnering demands in the 21st century?”


Value-Based Pharma R&D Productivity: Is There A Scalable Model?

IN VIVO, October 2014 The superior R&D and growth performance of companies like Celgene, Gilead, or Biogen can be attributed to a number of factors such as the size of the R&D budget, a high degree of portfolio focus, a good mixture of internal and external innovation sourcing, but most importantly a strong culture, leadership, and the ability to [...]
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Value-Based Pharma R&D Productivity: Is There A Sweet Spot?

IN VIVO, June 2014 What do Gilead, Biogen, and Celgene have in common? Qualities to be the top three drugmakers ranked by both R&D productivity and growth, according to a novel method for measuring such criteria that management consulting firm Catenion says offers insights for achieving such success.
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